AFA November 2014 meeting

The full audio of today’s meeting may be found here:

This morning the Appropriations Committee of the 126th Legislature met for the final time. The Committee heard from Mike Allen from the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) about September actual revenues, State Economist Amanda Rector regarding the November 1 report of the Consensus Economic Forecasting Commission (CEFC).  The Committee briefly discussed questions for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) had the department chosen to appear. The committee reconvened in the afternoon to speak with Sandy Matheson, Executive Director of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MePERS)

September Revenue

Copies of the September Revenue report can be found here:

September 2014 Revenue report

Dr. Allen shared that year to date General Fund revenues are $9.9M over budget for FY 15.  September revenues are $5.3M over budget.


  • Individual income tax withholdings are ($8M) under budget for the month
  • Estate tax revenues are $5.8M over budget for the month
  • Corporate income tax revenues are $3.6M over budget
  • Sales and use tax revenues are $47,438 over budget for the month and ($575,162) for the year

Consensus Economic Forecasting Commission

Copies of the CEFC report can be found here: November 2014 CEFC report

Amanda Rector, State Economist, presented the latest CEFC report to the committee.  This report predicts continued slow growth in Maine accompanied by ongoing demographic and aging challenges.

 Major indicators and changes from February forecast

Nov2014 CEFC



  • Slight decline in FY14 income growth but a slight predicted increase in income growth for FY15 and FY16
  • Increased inflation will erode this income growth
  • Maine can expect to return to prerecession levels of employment in FY17


Questions for DHHS


What is the Department’s plan to fill key vacancies at the Maine CDC? With the onset of flu season and lingering concerns regarding other infectious diseases it seems imperative to have appropriately credentialed professionals in place.

The Court Master has issued a report that questions the Department’s compliance with the AMHI Consent Decree. Detail for us the steps taken to achieve compliance with the CD and federal certification since our last communication.

Major staff changes are taking place at key divisions within the Department. What has led to these changes, does this herald a change in direction or policy, and what is the plan and time able for permanently filling these positions?

Rep. Rotundo also asked that the Department address concerns about delays in the processing of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applications.
Financial Orders

State Budget Officer Melissa Gott spoke to the committee to relay that one of the outstanding financial orders to allow the Office of the Attorney General to hire a drug prosecutor to work in Washington County has finally been approved by the Governor.  She also promised to provide a full list of outstanding financial orders that have been presented to the Governor but have not received his approval.


Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MePERS)


Sandy Matheson, Executive Director of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MePERS) presented the committee with positive news about the position of Maine’s retirement system.  Her presentation can be found here:

MePERS System Update November 2014



  • Maine’s plans are currently funded at a health level and measured conservatively
    • State/Teacher plan- 81.3%
    • Legislator plan- 143.6%
    • Judicial plan- 101.6%
  • Anything over 80% is considered to be well funded
    • The state contributes 4%
    • Employees contribute 7.65%
  • Compared to other state’s plans, Maine has:
    • Higher funding level
    • Lower earnings assumptions
    • Strong constitutional protections
  • The provisions in place in Maine are similar to those being adopted in other places including post-bankruptcy Detroit

August 2014 AFA meeting

This morning the Appropriations and Health and Human Services committees met jointly for their August interim meeting.

A package of questions asked of DHHS and the provided responses may be found here: Questions and Responses

Audio from today’s meeting is available here:

From DHHS, Deputy Commissioner for Programs Ricker Hamilton, MaineCare Director Stephanie Nadeau and Riverview Superintendent Jay Harper of Riverview Psychiatric Center (RPC) joined the committees to provide clarification to the provided responses.


MaineCare Transportation

Rep. Rotundo asked the department to answer if the the department paid for the retention bonuses for CTS workers. Under questioning, Nadeau admitted that the state did pay additional funds to CTS for these payments at an expense greater than $100,000, two months pay to each retained worker.

Rep. Dorney asked that the nearly $4M of additional transportation payments since February be explained in light of the transportation contract being a capitated contract. Nadeau stated that the funds went to providers instead of CTS, the broker.  Under the contract these payments to providers were the responsibility of CTS.

The August 1 transition from CTS has resulted in far fewer problems than last year’s transition.


Nursing facility issues

In response to a question from Sen. Flood, Nadeau outlined the implementation of a formal debt collection process for nursing facility cost of care payments. She was unable to answer Sen. Craven’s question about how much has been collected to date.


Riverview Psychiatric Center

Jay Harper addressed questions about the approach to meeting CMS standards for the recertification of RPC. He feels that RPC has taken steps to address the “people” aspects of the facilities shortfalls. He differentiates these from the “paperwork” shortfalls including inadequate treatment plans. Since July, Harper says, they have revamped the documentation of treatment plans. By the end of August he expects that the full training model will be in place. The Department has applied for another recertification bid.

Hamilton spoke to the Department’s decision to continue to draw down federal funds that may need to repaid. He is unable to identify a plan for that repayment.

Sen. Craven asked Harper to address a recent violent incident where a staff member was severely injured. He expects to have a report on the incident next week.

Following up on his report at the last meeting, Harper shared that 4 additional Acuity Specialists have been added since June.


Other DHHS issues

Sen. Lachowicz raised a concern that the department has begun denying coverage to women, mothers, entering substance abuse treatment on the basis that they are now non-categorical or childless adults. This would prevent them from seeking substance abuse treatment. It is important to note that no child protective action is said to have been taken. Nadeau will look for answers to this concern.

Rep. Rochelo asked why the Department has chosen to halve a contract for tobacco prevention marketing. Nadeau promised to follow up.


Issues related to DAFS

AG’s Office Raises

Sen. Hill asked the State Budget Officer, Melissa Gott, about the fact that employees of the Attorney General’s office have not received the 4% raises and 1% COLAs mandated by the state budget. The Governor has given raises to his own staff though it was only an option not a requirement like the AG’s Office raises.

Gott stated that the Governor has chosen not to sign the financial order to provide these raises. She declined to speculate as to why as did Acting Commissioner Richard Rosen. He feels that the question should be directed to the Executive directly.

Rep. Frey shared his puzzlement that this group has been singled out by the Governor.

Committee staff will expedite the request for information from the committee to the Governor regarding the intended timing of the signing of the financial order.


Deputy Commissioner Michael Allen presented information on July Revenues. July revenues are $8M over budget.

Year end balances

OFPR Director Grant Pennoyer presented to the committee regarding year-end balances.

Director Pennoyer’s materials may be found here.

The end of FY 2014 left the state with a surplus of $49.1M. After all statutory and budgetary transfers the balance of the Budget Stabilization Fund is now $68.3M

Liquor marketing RFP and other questions for the September meeting

Rep. Rotundo raised a number of questions about the recently concluded request for proposals for the marketing of spirits in Maine. Commissioner Rosen will take those questions at next month’s meeting. (You can find those questions at the end of the package of questions and answers linked above.

Sen. Flood hopes to discuss the public employees retirement system

Rep. Chase expressed her concern that perhaps those receiving indigent legal services are not contributing fully to the costs of their defense.

Next meeting

The committee will meet again on September 30.

June AFA Meeting

This morning the Appropriations and Financial Affairs committee continued work on items from the State Board of Corrections, ongoing concerns about DHHS and bonding.

Audio from today’s meeting may be found here:

 State Board of Correction

Ryan Thornell, Executive Director of the State Board of Corrections (SBOC), opened the meeting with an update on anticipated year end activity at the SBOC. They expect to have a small carry forward after meeting approved requests for supplemental funding. There are existing requests that staff does not recommend being approved by the SBOC.

Many counties volunteered to forgo 4th quarter distributions.

Funding has been set aside to make outstanding payments to Somerset County pending the resolution of ongoing litigation.

York County is the largest outstanding requester of supplemental funds. They have not supplied details to support their request.

Materials from Ryan’s presentation are available here.

Analysis has shown that in past years significant carry forwards had cushioned needs, concealing the impact that revenues no longer met distributions to county jails. As those carry forwards diminished the SBOC made larger supplemental requests.

To address this mismatch SBOC staff and their financial focus group is proposing to the full SBOC that distributions to county jails be reduced to meet revenues. It is important to note that no county is proposed to receive less funding than provided in FY14.

Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Mark Volgelzang of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) spoke to the committee on three items

  • Infrastructure (broadcasting and emergency alert system)
  • Capitol Connection
  • Future bonding requests

The current state appropriation to MPBN is $1.7M, it declines to $1.5M in FY15. The total annual cost of the broadcasting/emergency alert system is $2.7M.

Much of the large broadcasting infrastructure is approaching the end of its 20 year lifespan. Now is the appropriate time to begin discussions about securing funding for those needs.

Regarding Capitol Connection, MPBN believes that it would cost $450,000 to provide coverage of a single Legislative session. A total of $900,000 for a full session. MPBN hopes that the Legislature will provide this funding in addition to providing the content. This does not include $175,000 for upgraded House Chamber cameras which MPBN hopes the Legislature will also provide these funds.

Mark’s budget for Capitol Connection can be found here.

Child care licensing

Ken Alpert of DHHS’s Division of Licensure received questions on the recent addition of staff for child care licensure. Most significantly, Ken shared that the federal funding used for these positions has been available for some time. It is not clear why the department previously chose not to pursue those funds.

Riverview Psychiatric Center

Jay Harper, acting Superintendent of the Riverview Psychiatric Center (RPC) addressed previously submitted questions regarding RPC.

The department has received word that the facilities are compliant with federal requirements. No word has come from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the program aspects at RPC.

Jay provided information about the apparent impact of newly hired Acuity Specialists (AS) on restraints and seclusions. The Lower Saco forensic unit has seen a decrease in restraints and seclusions since AS started in March. This chart shows that impact in comparison with the civil unit in Lower Kennebec. AS will begin in the Lower Kennebec unit soon. The chart measures hours of restraint or seclusion, a spike may involve several instances for a single patient.

MaineCare Transportation

The Department chose again to not attend or participate in AFA’s meeting. Written responses, in some cases answers, were provided to previously submitted questions. Those responses are available here.

Chris Nolan of the Office of Fiscal and Program Review (OFPR) shared his analysis of payments to the ride brokers, in particular to CTS, the troubled broker whose contracts end this July.  Chris’s Analysis.

In May CTS received a $5M payment.  As DHHS does not provide information on what is being purchased OFPR cannot say if CTS will receive further payments in June.

Initially CTS contracts were to transition July 1.  This has been pushed back to August 1.

The HHS committee has not received information from DHHS about CTS payments or performance bond and payment bond requirements.

Representative Rochelo asked what measures are being used in the transition.  No one from the department was available to answer this question, it is being provided in writing.

Bond discussion

Treasurer Douglass shared news of the recent bond sale (documents here) and affirmation of the state’s stable credit rating.

May Revenues

May revenue information may be found here:

Memo Report Sales

DHHS Shortfalls

DHHS estimates that the funding provided by the Legislature will be sufficient to meet all cycle payments for the remainder of FY2014.

Nursing Homes

Chris Nolan estimates that nursing homes will receive an additional $12.3M in FY2015.  No one from the department was available to answer questions.

Public Health Grants

The department has declined to pursue significant public health and smoking cessation grants, grants that would address concerns raised by the Governor in his veto of important public health legislation.


AFA meets again on August 19th.

Final AFA Action

On this final day of Session the Appropriations committee met to dispose of the final bills before it and to review the language of the $50M bond package approved last night.

Audio from today’s meetings may be found here:


The language of the bonds approved last night may be found here:


Final action on bills before the Appropriations committee is as follows:

LD Title Sponsor Disposition Notes
1367 AA to Decrease Costs and Disability Due to Mental Illness in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults Graham OTP-AM Amended to make contingent on funding from federal grants and eliminate insurance mandate provision
1710 AA to Retain Call Centers in Maine Jackson ONTP 10-2 Amend to eliminate costs and make the legislation prospective
1857 AA to Expand Services to Persons Who are Disabled or Elderly on Wait Lists by Reducing Revenue a Sharing Ayotte ONTP 8-5
942 Transportation bond Mazurek ONTP
1043 AA to Improve the Regional Economic Development Revolving Loan Program Berry OTP-AM Amend to keep language and remove bond (bond in LD 1827)
1180 Community Reinvestment fund Bond Gerzofsky ONTP
1837 Maine Military Authority Severance Legislation Jackson OTP 7-6
1776 Long Term Care Facilities Craven OTP-AM RECONSIDERED: Recognizes $4M in cost-of-care overpayment recovery revenue for increased reimbursements to Nursing Homes. Funds recovered above both the already booked savings and the $4M in this bill in FY15 will carry forward for payments to nursing facilities in FY16


These items will all move to the chambers for final action this evening.

Bond plan and actions on bills

Midday Appropriations met to take up remaining items either carried over or on the Appropriations Table.

Audio from the afternoon may be found here:

Audio from the evening session may be found here:

Amendments offered today are available here amendments 04162014 pt 1 and here amendments 04162014 pt 2-1

The morning’s decisions are reflected in the larger chart of actions representing the entire day’s actions below.


In the evening AFA returned to present a $50M bond package. Details are below:

Item Bonded Amount (millions)
Small Businesses 12
Regional Economic Development Loan Program 8 *Language in LD 1043
Commercial Loan Insurance Program 4
UMaine Lab 8
Competitive- Biometric Research Facility 10
Marine Economy Competitive bond 7
MDI Biological Laboratory 3
Water Bond 10
Culverts 5.4
SRF 4.2
Wetland Restoration Projects 0.4
Total 50

Remaining bills

Throughout the day AFA made decisions on its remaining bills. Those decisions are outlined below:

LD Title Sponsor Disposition Notes
Carry overs
979 Flag Sales Tax Short ONTP
Appropriations Table
1367 AA to Decrease Costs and Disability Due to Mental Illness in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults Graham Tabled Amended to make contingent on funding from federal grants and eliminate insurance mandate provision
1640 MaineCare Expansion Jackson OTP 8-5
1664 AA to Encourage Charitable Contributions to Nonprofit Organizations Boyle OTP-AM Takes effect in FY16
1682 Head Start Frey ONTP 12-1
1710 AA to Retain Call Centers in Maine Jackson Tabled
1765 AA to Establish the Criminal Law Advisory Commission Gerzofsky OTP-AM Contingent on acquisition of federal or other funding.
1776 Long Term Care Facilities Craven OTP-AM Recognizes $5M in cost-of-care overpayment recovery revenue for increased reimbursements to Nursing Homes
1750 Submission Requirements for Wind Energy Through Rulemaking Alfond OTP-AM 7-3
1855 AA To Validate Certain Proceedings Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds and Notes of the Town of Old Orchard Beach Valentino OTP
1857 AA to Expand Services to Persons Who are Disabled or Elderly on Wait Lists by Reducing Revenue a Sharing Ayotte
1856 Resolve, Market Analysis of the Feasibility of Expanded Gaming Valentino OTP

Very few bills remain to be discussed.


Appropriations will meet Wednesday to review final bond language and finalize its few remaining bills.

The full schedule may be found here:

As always please join the committee in Room 228, listen online at: or watch MPBN’s Capitol Connection broadcast either here:, over the air or through your cable provider.








Significant action on Carry over and AFA Table bills

Tuesday evening the Appropriations committee met to consider LD 1853, the film incentive bill, carry over items and Appropriations Table.

You can find audio of today’s meeting here:

Film Incentive

Sen. Cain presented an amendment that:

  • Removed references to a dynamic fiscal note
  • Delayed implementation
  • Required annual reporting and evaluation of the data
  • A “hard” sunset

Concerns were expressed about the lateness of this proposal and that it perhaps would be better considered by the Taxation Committee.

The bill received a Unanimous Ought Not to Pass (ONTP) report.

Carry over and Appropriations Table Bills

Amendments available for full review may be found here: table amendments 04152014

The committee took the following actions:

LD Title Sponsor Disposition Notes
Carry overs
25 Mason ONTP
440 Tax Credits for PCPs in Underserved Areas Jackson OTP-AM Fund with a Medical Marijuana funds ($23,000), sunset in 5 years and require annual review
715 AA to increase Access to Career and Technical Schools Johnson, P ONTP
979 Flag Sales Tax Short Tabled
Appropriations Table
222 AA Designating the Chief of the State Police as the Only Issuing Authority of a Permit To Carry a Concealed Handgun Marks OTP-AM 8-5 Funding from Gambling Control Board
232 AA To Increase the Base for the Cost-of-living Increase for Retired State Employees and Teachers Sherman OTP 11-2
297 Arming Forest Rangers Dunphy OTP-AM 10-3 Funding by managing vacancies
347 AA To Amend Insurance Coverage for Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders Lachowicz OTP 9-4
725 AA to Implement the Recommendations of the Judicial Compensation Commission Katz OTP-AM Self-funded in FY15
1013 AA to Create the Wireless Information Act Boland ONTP
1120 AA to Improve Maine’s Tax Laws Goode OTP 8-5
1154 AA to Establish the Maine Length of Service Award Program Maker OTP-AM Allow fundraising
1175 AA to Amend the Laws Governing Retirement Benefits for Capitol Police Officers Saviello OTP-AM Preserve study at MePERS
1230 AA to Improve Access to Oral Health Care Eves OTP
1247 AA to Expand Coverage of Family Planning Services Pringle OTP 8-5
1367 AA to Decrease Costs and Disability Due to Mental Illness in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults Graham ONTP
1421 AA to Permit a Student Holding a Degree from a Non-Maine Institution to a Participate in the Job Creation Through Educational Opportunity Program Nadeau ONTP
1463 Tax Expenditures Review Process Rotundo OTP
1530 Universal Voluntary Pre-K Goodall OTP 8-5
1565 Resolve, Directing DECD to Report on the Use of Funds Appropriated to Support the Code Enforcement Officer Training and Certification Program Carey ONTP Included in LD 1679
1600 AA To Require Health Insurers To Provide Coverage for Human Leukocyte Antigen Testing To Establish Bone Marrow Donor Transplantation Suitability Rankin OTP 12-1
1601 AA to Increase the Amount of Funds Available to Counties for Witness Fees, Extradition Expenses and Prosecution Costs Willette OTP 12-1
1612 AA to Amend the Veterans’ Services Laws Beaulieu OTP-AM Allow fundraising
1617 AA to Amend the Laws Governing the Process for Funding Virtual Public Charter Schools MacDonald ONTP
1626 AA to Fund Invasive Species Prevention and Control McClellan OTP
1641 AA to Amend the Workers’ Compensation Laws as They Pertain to Employee Representation Patrick OTP 8-5
1661 AA to Clarify the Provisions of a Historic Tax Credit Craven OTP 8-5
1664 AA to Encourage Charitable Contributions to Nonprofit Organizations Boyle OTP-AM TABLED Takes effect in FY16
1673 AA to Further Delegate Permit-granting Authority to the Bureau of Forestry Boyle OTP-AM Existing resources
1679 Criminal Justice Academy Dion OTP-AM Change title and include funding for LDs 1744 (Lakes), 1699 (HIV Education), fourth quarter FY15 funding for the Mental Health Unit at the Maine State Prison and 1565 (Code Enforcement Officers) from $1.3M in enhanced revenue collections from Maine Revenue Services and funding from the Gambling Control Board
1682 Head Start Frey Tabled
1683 Resolve, to Improve Degree and Career Attainment for Former Foster Childen Berry OTP-AM Reduced funding through foundations and funding from Foster Care Adoption savings
1697 Veterans Treatment Court Fowle OTP-AM Funded from DEVM personal services savings
1699 HIV Education Pringle ONTP Included in 1679
1710 AA to Retain Call Centers in Maine Jackson Tabled
1719 AA to Improve Education about and Awareness of Maine’s Health Laws and Resources Rochelo OTP
1720 AA to Improve the Operations of the Office of the Attorney General Jorgensen ONTP
1722 Sales and Use Tax of Free Publications and Inserts Berry OTP-AM Funding from enhanced collections of $3.4M funded with 1) automated audit selections $975K, 2) expanded field collections activity $1.7M, 3) estate audit $415,094
1729 AA to Increase the Period of Time for the Calculation of a Prior Conviction for Operating under the Influence Marks OTP
1732 Chesuncook church Johnson, P OTP
1734 Cold Case Homicide Unit Stanley OTP-AM Amended to make contingent on funding from federal grants
1744 AA to Protect Maine Lakes McCabe OTP-AM Strip appropriation, funding in LD 1679
1745 AA to Preserve Maine’s Long term Care Facilities Cassidy ONTP
1746 AA to Facilitate Informed Planning for Higher Education and Careers Berry OTP-AM Funded on Legislative Council Study Table
1751 AA To Provide Property Tax Relief to Maine Residents Eves OTP 12-1
1765 AA to Establish the Criminal Law Advisory Commission Gerzofsky Tabled
1769 AA To Implement the Recommendations of the Report Defining Cost Responsibility for Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Students Receiving Services from the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf Millett OTP 12-1
1772 Resolve, Regarding Metallic Mineral Exploration, Advanced Exploration and Mining Welsh OTP 8-5
1789 AA to Modernize and Improve the Efficiency of Maine’s Courts Fredette OTP
1794 AA to Cancel the No-bid Alexander Group Contract Farnsworth OTP 8-5
1795 AA to Remove Medical and Dental Expenses from the Itemized Deduction Cap Knight ONTP In the budget
1797 AA Expanding Access to Early Postsecondary Education Nelson ONTP
1811 Gov’s Drug Prosecution Bill Plummer ONTP
1824 AA to Provide Additional Authority to the State Board of Corrections Gerzofsky OTP-AM $1.2M in FY14 supplemental funding
1832 AA to Increase Employment Opportunities for Veterans Tuttle OTP-AM Voluntary program
1839 AA to Increase the Deduction for Pension Income Bennett ONTP
1840 Recommendations Regarding the Controlled Substances Monitoring Program Craven OTP-AM Existing resources
1850 Resolve, to Establish the Commission to Strengthen the Adequacy and Equity of Certain Cost Components of the School Funding Formula MacDonald OTP-AM Existing resources

Passage of FY15 Supplemental Budget

LD 1858 the FY15 supplemental budget received overwhelming support in both bodies on Tuesday and was sent to the Governor for his consideration.


The Appropriations committee will complete work Wednesday on remaining Table bills and any possible bond package.

The full schedule may be found here:

As always please join the committee in Room 228, listen online at: or watch MPBN’s Capitol Connection broadcast either here:, over the air or through your cable provider.

Further action on carry over bills

This afternoon the Appropriations committee met to consider remaining bills carried over from the First Regular Session.

LD Title Sponsor Motion
LD 25 An Act to Exclude Certain State Share of the Total Cost of Funding a Public Education Mason Tabled
LD 276 Resolve, To Improve Access to Oral Health Care for Maine Residents Cain ONTP
LD 390 An Act to Restore MaineCare Coverage for Ambulatory Surgical Centers Cooper OTP-AM department to absorb
LD 440 An Act to Support Community Health Centers Through Tax Credits for Dentists and Primary Care Professionals Practicing in Underserved Areas Jackson Tabled
LD 464 An Act to a Change Compensation for Career and Technical Education Region Cooperative Board Meetings Chapman OTP 
LD 538 An Act to Align Costs Recognized for Transfer of Nursing Facilities and a Residential Care Facilities with Ordinary Commercial  and Government Contracting Standards Sanderson OTP-AM date change needed
LD 715 An Act to Improve Access to Career and a Technical Schools Johnson, P Tabled
LD 804 An Act to Improve Preventative Health Care and Reduce a Costs in the MaineCare Program Carey ONTP
LD 906 An Act to Permit a School Administrative Unit Discretion Concerning Participation of Students from Charter Schools in School Extra Curricular Activities Moonen OTP-AM Mandate preamble
LD 933 An Act to Establish a Separate Regulatory Board for Dental Hygienists Sirocki OTP-AM Funding from the Board of Dental Examiners account
LD 979 An Act to Exempt from the Sales Tax Sales of the American Flag Short Tabled
LD 998 An Act to Provide Consistency in the a Application of the Property Tax Exemption for Religious Organizations Haskell ONTP
LD 1185 An Act to Enhance Efforts to Use Locally Produced Foods in Schools McCabe OTP-AM Mandate preamble and date change
LD 1445 An Act to Facilitate Children’s Testimony Tyler ONTP

Tomorrow AFA will meet again to consider the film tax credit bill, the 4 remaining carry over bills (LD:  1853, 25, 440, 715 and 979) and the bills on the Appropriations Table.

The full schedule may be found here:

As always please join the committee in Room 228, listen online at: or watch MPBN’s Capitol Connection broadcast either here:, over the air or through your cable provider.