Supplemental budget approval

Supplemental budget

AFA had a budget terminology and concepts briefing with Commissioner Figeroa on Thursday.

All policy committees reported back to AFA on LD 1000, the supplemental budget.

Deviations from the recommendations of the Governor are:

  • EUT- unanimous rejection of moving the remains of Cost Recovery Fund (biomass) $5M to the General Fund
  • CRJ- unanimous rejection of the language eliminating Downeast Correctional Facility and creating the Washington County prerelease center. They understand that a standalone bill is forthcoming
  • EDU- a sole House Republican dissented from a vote approving the Governor’s recommendation for $1M for the bicentennial celebrations
    • The committee also recommends starting 3 positions established in the biennial budget a full quarter early at a cost of $83,540.

Thursday afternoon AFA unanimously approved the supplemental budget endorsing the recommendations of the policy committees but for:

  • Requiring the administration to fund two of the positions requested by Education committee using funds initially proposed for the State Library and the Historic Preservation Commission this fiscal year, intending to fund all the positions in the upcoming biennial budget.
  • Ensuring the Cost Recovery Fund not lapse to the Budget Stabilization Fund at the end of the fiscal year and that it not be transferred without prior legislative approval. It is acknowledged that this unbalances the proposed biennial budget by nearly $5M.

Biennial budget

Public hearings on LD 1001, the biennial budget, begin Monday and continue through Wednesday, March 27.

Monday-Wednesday AFA is joined by the HHS committee to hear the portions of the proposed budget related to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Thursday Criminal Justice joins AFA.

January Revenue report

January revenues are under budget by ($4.9M) and GF revenues are $8.1M for the year. This follows the upward revenue reforecast of $99M for FY19.

December sales were ($1.9M) under budget.
Individual income tax revenue was ($14.7M) under budget.

Income tax variations are in estimated payments and are thought to be the result of the Trump tax plan and changes in behavior due to the limitation of State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions. It is expected that this will true up with final payments in April.

The January revenue report strikes a positive tone overall.

FY19 Supplemental budget public hearings

The Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs (AFA) held public hearings on Governor Mill’s proposed FY19 supplemental budget this week. Joined by the relevant policy committees AFA took testimony from Commissioner Figeroa and other members of the administration as well as members of the public.

Important items in the supplemental include

  • State share of federal disaster funds for municipalities- $2.5M
  • Funding for unachieved position attrition savings from small state agencies- $2.9M
  • Funding for the Maine Bicentennial celebration- $1M
  • Non-General Fund (GF) money to support cases pursued by the Office of the Public Advocate- $320K
  • Funds to lease accessible voting machines- $400K
  • The repeal of a two-year lifetime limit on prescriptions for medication assisted treatment (MAT) for the treatment of addiction
  • Language to allow the creation of the Washington County Prerelease  Center

Testimony from the Commissioner and testimony regarding disaster funds and the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) can be found here.

Testimony about the Bicentennial celebration is here. (The Bicentennial Commission’s proposed budget and proposed budget explanation is also available.)

Testimony about the leasing of voting machines and the creation of the prerelease center is here.

Finally, testimony about the MAT limit repeal and other HHS initiatives are here.

Policy committees will hold work sessions, take votes and report back to the AFA committee with their recommendations.

Full supplemental budget documents are available from the Bureau of the Budget.

Part A
Fiscal Note

Final Appropriations Table bills, Legislative Council Study Table actions and General Fund bonds

In advance of tomorrow’s legislative session AFA and leadership have met this week to complete work on the final Appropriations Table bills, the Legislative Council Study Table and General Fund bonds.

Monday’s public hearings on bond bills also allowed AFA to finalize work on Appropriations Table bills. The final recommendations from AFA are here:

Appropriations Table

LD Title Sponsor $ Current Amendments AFA Action
8 An Act To Provide Training for Forest Rangers To Carry Firearms Tuell $142,522 H-541 CO 6-5
20 An Act To Reimburse Nursing Homes for the Loss of Coinsurance and Deductibles for Skilled Nursing Beds under Rules Adopted by the Department of Health and Human Services Malaby $1,129,027 H-39 CO 11-0
27 An Act to Exempt Sales to Parent-Teacher Organizations from the Sales Tax Turner $17,444 H-100 CO 10-1
31 RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That Signatures on a Direct Initiative of Legislation Come from Each Congressional District Espling $0 H-503 OTP 8-3
38 An Act to Strengthen the Maine Children’s Growth Council Millett $50,000 S-64 ONTP 11-0
49 An Act to Improve Science and Engineering Education for Maine Students Devin $110,000 H-497 CO 8-3
59 An Act To Provide Funding for a Therapeutic Adult Day Service Center Higgins $150,000 H-168 CO 9-2
79 An Act to Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Career and Technical Student Organizations Langley $5,891 S-27 CO 6-5
82 An Act to Exempt Permanently Disabled Veterans from Payment of Property Tax Diamond $11,200 S-94 ONTP 11-0
85 An Act Regarding Public Service Berthing Vessels Licensed for the Sale of Liquor Miramant $112,872 S-11 CO 10-1
89 An Act To Provide Emergency Repair Funding for the Restoration of the Official State Vessel, the Schooner Bowdoin Rosen $500,000 S-101 ONTP 7-4
100 An Act to expand the 1998 Special Retirement Plan To Include Detectives in the Office of The Attorney General Nadeau OTP 6-5
106 An Act To Provide MaineCare Coverage for Dental Services to Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Disorder Tepler $370,395 H-245 CO 9-2
111 An Act To Establish an Additional Veterans Treatment Court Sheats $275,200 H-331, H-488 CO 9-2
130 An Act to Provide Funding for Costs Associated with Requiring the Licensing of Midwives Volk $57,368 S-9 ONTP 11-0
162 An Act to Improve Care Provided to Forensic Patients Gattine H-482 OTP 7-4
170 An Act to Allow and Recognize a Legal Name Change Upon Marriage Bailey $44,000 H-274 CO 8-3
173 An Act To Reduce Food Insecurity Herbig $5,000,000 H-121 CO 7-4
174 An Act To Require Schools To Submit Pest Management Activity Logs and Inspection Results to the Board of Pesticides Control for the Purposes of Providing Information to the Public Daughtry $0 H-374 CO 6-5
182 Act Regarding Fire Retardants Kumiega $120,000 OTP-AM 6-5
192 An Act To Require Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids Handy $0 H-177 CO 6-5
197 RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Explicitly Protect against Sex Discrimination Reckitt $0 H-133 CO 8-3
203 An Act To Opt Out of Federal Daylight Saving Time and To Ask the United States Secretary of Transportation To Place the State in the Atlantic Time Zone Bailey $0 H-76 OTP 7-4
206 An Act To Exempt Feminine Hygiene Products from Sales Tax Campbell $1,321,965 H-196 ONTP 11-0
230 An Act To Increase Access to Head Start Millett $5,150,000 S-66 CO 7-4
267 Resolve, to Increase Certain Chiropractic Reimbursement Rates under the MaineCare Program Martin $77,864 H-21 CO 7-4
285 An Act To Provide Funding for the Maine Coworking Development Fund Fecteau $300,000 H-114 CO 6-5
288 An Act to Limit Questions Regarding Criminal History on State Employment Applications Sheats $108,568 CO 6-5
289 An Act to Extend the Veteran Property Tax Exemption to Veterans Who Have Served on Active Duty Stanley $15,000 H-232 CO 8-3
290 An Act To Phase Out the Insurance Premium Tax on Annuities Chace $3,559,000 H-282 ONTP 7-4
320 An Act To Provide MaineCare Coverage for Chiropractic Treatment Libby $1,468,597 CO 8-3
323 An Act To Fully Fund the Waiting List for the Home and Community Benefits for Members with Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Disorder Waiver Malaby $40,394,505 H-257 CO 11-0
328 An Act To Provide Funds To Encourage Regional Planning and Reorganization Grant $10,000,000 H-150 CO 10-1
346 An Act To Make Abuse of Corpse a Class C Crime Katz $0 S-111 ONTP 10-1
358 An Act To Close the Gap in Children’s Health Care Coverage in Maine Pouliot H-260 ONTP 11-0
367 An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Government Oversight Committee To Develop a Long-range Strategic Plan for Economic Improvement in the State Mastracio $390,000 H-493 CO 8-3
377 An Act To Create a County Jail Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Grant Program Chenette $1,950,000 S-112 CO 11-0
401 An Act to Require Reimbursement to Hospitals for Patients Awaiting Placement in Nursing Facilities Sirocki $53,080 H-109 CO 10-0
423 An Act to Extend Internet Availability in Rural Maine Alley $50,000 H-17 CO 7-3
449 An Act Regarding Imposition of an Automatic Life Sentence in the Case of Domestic Abuse Resulting in Murder Jackson $0 S-79 CO 8-3
456 An Act To Increase Access to Vaccinations Chace $149,441 H-208, S-263 ONTP 7-5
503 An Act To Continue the Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship Program Katz $16,000,000 S-31 CO 7-4
513 An Act To Eliminate the State Income Tax for Maine Public Employees Retirement System Pensions Bellows $48,369,860 S-119 CO 11-0
517 An Act to Amend Principals of Reimbursement for Nursing Facilities and for Residential Care Facilities Maker $55,310 S-91 OTP-AM 11-0
524 An Act to Amend the Laws on Domestic Violence Reckitt $25,536 H-138 CO 11-0
525 An Act To Enhance Maine’s Response to Domestic Violence Espling $300,000 H-139 CO 6-5
526 An Act To Increase the State Share of the Cost of Health Insurance for Retired Teachers Collings $0 H-42 CO 7-4
563 An Act To Protect Earned Pay Herbig $0 ONTP 11-0
601 An Act To Return the Normal Cost of Teacher Retirement to the State Stearns $44,572,322 H-73 ONTP 10-1
643 Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Increase Reimbursement Rates for Home-based and Community-based Services Espling $3,659,753 H-176 CO 11-0
648 An Act To Expand the Types of Nonprofit Organizations to Which Surplus Property May Be Sold by the State Grant $0 OTP 8-3
654 An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Certain Sexual Offenses Carpenter $35,000 S-113 OTP-AM 7-4
656 An Act To Improve the Ability of Maine Companies To Manufacture and Market Bioplastics Dill $1,500,000 S-43 CO 7-4
681 An Act Regarding Sexual Activity and Sexual Assault at Secondary and Postsecondary Educational Institutions Daughtry $0 H-505 CO 8-3
687 An Act Regarding Reimbursement for Speech and Language Pathology Services Farnsworth $364,966 H-382 CO 7-4
720 An Act To Provide Lung Cancer Screening for MaineCare Recipients Katz $293,266 S-86 CO 7-4
721 An Act To Mandate the Reporting of a Planned Act of Terrorism by a Person with Knowledge of That Plan Katz $0 S-114 OTP 6-5
723 RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Reduce Volatility in State Pension Funding Requirements Caused by the Financial Markets Katz $0 S-148 OTP 11-0
726 An Act To Restore Full Cost-of-living Increases for All Maine State Retirees Espling $805,124,110 H-250 ONTP 11-0
766 Resolve, To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Recalculate the MaineCare Reimbursement Rates for Services for Persons with Disabilities Farnsworth $136,000,000 H-357 ONTP 11-0
781 An Act To Support the Trades through a Tax Credit for Apprenticeship Programs Herbig $2,782,491 H-416 CO 6-5
782 An Act to Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Non-profit Organizations Supporting Veterans Sanderson $129,655 H-193 ONTP 11-0
792 An Act To Authorize Funding for Transitional Housing for Women Veterans and Their Families Sheats $150,000 H-58 CO 6-5
794 An Act Regarding the Taxation of Flavored Malt Beverages Guerin $0 H-572 OTP 10-1
808 An Act To Restore Community Support Services for Adults with Mental Illness Bellows $5,930,932 S-241, S-270 OTP 7-4
816 An Act To Promote Academic Achievement through Hunger Relief for Maine Children Breen $592,712 S-150 CO 8-3
843 An Act to Adjust the Formula for Calculating the Allocation of Moose Permits for Hunting Lodges Stanley $40,352 H-217 CO 8-3
848 An Act To Support Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders Diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Golden $0 H-448 OTP 8-3
891 An Act To Support the Professional Development of Principals in Maine Schools Langley $0 S-237 OTP 7-4
910 An Act To Encourage Living Kidney Donation in Maine Vachon $180,000 H-420 ONTP 8-3
919 An Act to Establish the Summer Success Fund Pierce, T 1000 H-113 OTP 7-4
949 An Act Regarding Telehealth Gratwick $0 S-187 OTP 6-5
952 An Act To Ensure Access to Opiate Addiction Treatment in Maine Woodsome $1,207,719 S-106 OTP-AM 7-4
956 An Act to Establish the Buy America and Build Maine Act Jackson OTP 6-5
967 An Act To Ensure Access to Community Services for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Herbig $53,093,870 H-342 CO 11-0
970 An Act To End Homelessness by Expanding Housing Support Services Jorgensen $600,000 H-209 OTP-AM 6-5
990 An Act to Prevent Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Medical Care Providers and Firefighters Davis H-542 CO 7-4
998 An Act To Adequately Pay for Emergency Medical Services Sanderson $925,532 H-296 CO 9-1
1000 Resolve, To Increase Access to Brain Injury Waiver Services Malaby $544,166 H-295 CO 11-0
1006 An Act Regarding Housing Insecurity of Older Citizens Talbot Ross $92,400 H-210 CO 7-4
1008 An Act to Establish the Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Populations Talbot Ross OTP-AM 6-5
1044 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Eligibility for Disability Retirement Benefits Katz $0 S-89 OTP 8-3
1070 Resolve, To Alleviate Hunger in Rural Maine in Areas of High Unemployment Jackson $0 S-107 OTP 7-4
1089 An Act To Prohibit the Use of Handheld Phones and Devices While Driving Diamond $0 S-272 OTP 8-3
1091 An Act to Implement Certain Recommendations of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission Relative to the Maine Criminal Code and Related Statutes Warren $9,000 H-361 CO 7-4
1108 An Act to Restore Public Health Nursing Services Carson $1,452,624 S-155 OTP-AM 7-4
1127 An Act to Provide Occupants of Motor Vehicles with Gold Star Family Registration Plates Free Entry To State Parks Sheats $21,150 H-376 CO 7-4
1130 An Act to Provide Traffic Safety Education in Schools Daughtry $62,914 H-469 CO 7-4
1143 Resolve, Providing for the Official Observance of the 200th Anniversary of the State of Maine Handy $75,000 H-453 OTP-AM 8-3
1170 An Act to Reduce Youth Access to Tobacco Products Davis $8,181,145 S-306 OTP-AM 7-5
1188 An Act To Facilitate MaineCare-Funded Assisted Living by Providing a Cost-of-living Adjustment to Private Nonmedical Institutions and Adult Family Care Homes Malaby $1,075,102 H-330 CO 11-0
1190 An Act Regarding Driver’s License Suspensions for Non-driving-related Violations Moonen CO 7-4
1196 An Act To Assist Seniors and Certain Persons with Disabilities in Paying Property Taxes Bailey $1,847,157 H-236 CO 7-4
1204 An Act Regarding Absentee Voting by Residents of Nursing Homes and Other Residential Care Facilities Timberlake $0 CO 6-5
1206 An Act To Increase State Funding to Maine Public Charter Schools and Non-Charter Public Schools Pouliot $0 H-304 ONTP 10-1
1208 An Act To Amend the Veterans Service Laws Luchini $375,000 H-140 ONTP 7-4
1210 An Act Regarding the Maine Clean Election Fund Ethics $3,000,000 H-185 ONTP 11-0
1212 An Act To Amend the Definition of “Eligible Business Equipment” for the Purposes of the Business Equipment Tax Exemption Program Katz $254,000 S-180 CO 8-3
1231 Resolve, To Assess the Need for Mental Health Care Services for Veterans on Maine and to Establish a Pilot Program to Provide Case Management Services to Veterans for Mental Health Care Golden $500,000 H-407, H-553 OTP 10-1
1247 An Act To Repeal the Income Tax on Pick-up Contributions Paid to the Maine Public Employees Retirement System and To Clarify the Taxation of Pick-up Contributions Distributed in the Form of a Rollover Pouliot $14,701,000 H-194 ONTP 7-4
1248 An Act To Improve Public Transportation in Maine McLean $4,000,000 H-144 CO 9-2
1263 Resolve, To Increase the Affordability of Safe Drinking Water for Maine Families Maker $500,000 S-109 OTP-AM 7-4
1280 An Act Regarding Generic Drug Pricing Jackson CO 9-2
1286 An Act to Require Background Checks for All School Employees Millett $26,752 S-221 CO
1287 An Act To Strengthen Efforts To Recruit and Retain Primary Care Professionals and Dentists in Rural and Underserved Areas of the State Jackson $176,400 S-121 CO 10-1
1301 An Act To Improve Access to Preventive, Cost-saving Dental Services Martin J $5,266,113 H-248 CO 7-4
1308 Resolve, To Expedite the Processing of Applications for Certification under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Talbot Ross $134,780 H-118 CO 6-5
1314 Resolve, To Improve Access to Neurobehavioral Services Malaby $0 H-202 CO 10-1
1317 An Act To Encourage Family-friendly Businesses through a Tax Credit for Child Care Herbig $392,000 H-234 CO 11-0
1320 An Act To Regulate Fantasy Sports Contests Katz OTP 9-2
1321 An Act To Promote Social and Emotional Learning and Development in Early Childhood Breen $494,270 S-128 CO 7-4
1322 An Act Regarding Mental Health First-Aid Training for Corrections Personnel Talbot Ross $30,265 H-499 CO 11-0
1343 An Act To Promote Downtown Revitalization by Creating the Locating Businesses Downtown Loan Program Chenette $0 S-152 CO 9-2
1388 An Act To Prohibit the Falsification of Medical Records Rosen $0 S-162 CO
1391 An Act To Ensure the Continuation of the Landowner Relations Program Espling $300,000 H-321 CO 11-0
1396 An Act To Remove Certain Restrictions Imposed on Retired State Employees Who Return to Work as Educators Stearns $0 H-522 OTP 6-5
1399 An Act To Encourage Broadband Coverage in Rural Maine Bellows $13,000,000 S-223 CO 6-5
1407 An Act Regarding Prescription Drug Step Therapy Rosen $0 S-254 CO 12-0
1429 An Act Regarding the Epidemic of Opiate Abuse Grohman $19,250 H-510 CO 11-0
1433 An Act To Protect Maine Children from Lung Cancer by Requiring Radon Testing in Schools Warren $2,187,000 H-516 CO 8-3
1466 An Act To Address Severe and Ongoing Shortfalls in the Funding of Direct Care Workers in Long-term Care Settings and To Establish the Commission To Study Long-term Care Workforce Issues Jackson $26,513,508 H-529 CO 7-4
1485 An Act Regarding MaineCare Coverage for Telehealth Services Gratwick $8,618 S-205 OTP-AM 7-4
1490 An Act To Stabilize Funding for the County Jails Cyrway $7,600,000 S-268 CO 8-3
1494 An Act To Increase the Availability of Foster Homes Sanderson -$236,970 H-396 ONTP 6-5
1517 An Act To Ensure Access to Behavioral Health Services Perry $6,403,088 H-491 CO 8-3
1520 An Act to Create an Aquaculture License – Agency Bill Devin $11,650 OTP-AM 11-0
1554 Resolve, Authorizing Claire Dean Perry and the Estate of William Dean To Bring Suit against the Surety Obtained by the Department of Health and Human Services in Its Capacity as Public Conservator Beebe-Center $300,000 H-365 CO 9-3
1597 An Act to Exempt from Sales Tax the Fee Associated with the Paint Stewardship Program Vitelli $5,000 S-188 CO 6-5
1624 RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Implement Ranked-choice Voting Breen $1,420,766 S-301 OTP 6-5
1626 Resolve, Authorizing the Bureau of General Services within the Department of Administrative and Financial Services To Assume Ownership of the Forest City Project Turner $0 H-524 OTP 11-0
1639 An Act to Promote Major Business Headquarters Expansions in Maine, Promote the Commercialization of Research and Development in Maine and Create Jobs Jackson S-294 OTP 11-0
1641 An Act to Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act Regarding Retail Marijuana Testing Facilities Pierce $175,754 OTP-AM 8-4
1643 An Act to Provide Funding to the Loring Development Authority of Maine for Implementation Grants Stewart $1,500,000 OTP 11-0
1644 An Act to Fund the Agreement with Executive Branch Employees Gideon OTP 11-0

Study Table

Wednesday Legislative Council met to take action on the Study Table. Those decisions are as follows:

(Left off the chart was the Joint Order to establish the Task Force on
Health Care Coverage for All of Maine (SP592). Legislative Council approved this study unanimously, 7-0.)

LD Title Sponsor Ref Report Study Votes
214 Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Streamline Veterans’ Licensing and Certification Golden VLA OTP-A Commission To Streamline Veterans’ Licensing and Certification In 7-0
309 An Act To Restore Judicial Discretion Volk JUD Divided Report Working Group To Restore Judicial Discretion Out 7-0
390 Budget Gattine AFA Divided Report Work Group to Improve the Provision of Indigent Legal Services In 7-0
512 An Act To Prohibit a Person under 18 Years of Age from Being Charged with the Crime of Engaging in Prostitution Volk CJPS Divided Report Committee To Study the State’s Response to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth
523 Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Review the Laws Governing Domestic Violence Reckitt CJPS Divided Report Commission To Review the Laws Governing Domestic Violence In 5-2 (failed), Refer to CRJ 7-0
642 Resolve, To Establish the Task Force To Identify Special Education Cost Drivers and Innovative Approaches to Services Kornfield EDU OTP-A Task Force To Identify Special Education Cost Drivers and Innovative Approaches to Services In 7-0
1008 An Act To Establish the Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Populations Talbot-Ross SLG Divided Report Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities In 5-2 (failed)
1015 An Act To Improve the Student Transfer Process Stearns EDU Divided Report Commission To Study the Student Transfer Process Out 7-0
1021 Resolve, To Establish the Study Committee To Develop a Disposition Plan for Future Surplus State Property in York County Mastraccio SLG OTP-A Study Committee To Develop a Disposition Plan for Future Surplus State Property in York County CO 7-0
1128 Resolve, To Establish the Committee To Study the Processing of Evidence from Sexual Assault Test Kits Daughtry CJPS Divided Report Committee To Study the Processing of Evidence from Sexual Assault Test Kits Out 7-0
1143 Resolve, Providing for the Official Observance of the 200th Anniversary of the Formation of the State of Maine Handy EDU OTP-A Maine Bicentennial Commission In 6-1
1150 Resolve, to Establish the Road Usage Charge Task Force Maclean Commission to Study Transportation Funding Reform In 5-2 (failed)
1260 Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Create a Plan for the Establishment of a Probate Court System with Full-time Judges Katz JUD OTP-A Commission To Create a Plan for the Establishment of a Probate Court System with Full-time Judges In 7-0
1466 An Act To Address Severe and Ongoing Shortfalls in the Funding of Direct Care Workers in Long-term Care Settings and To Establish the Commission To Study Long-term Care Workforce Issues Jackson HHS Divided Report Commission to Study Long-term Care Workforce Issues CO 7-0


Early Wednesday evening AFA approved a $200M General Fund bond package with the following components:

Category Amount Notes Vehicles (Bold) or inspirations AFA votes
Transportation $105M Includes $5M for local culverts, $80M for roads and bridges, and $20M for other modes of transportation LD 1552 & LD 964 OTP-AM 10-1

Min OTP-AM w/ only $80M for roads and bridges

Student debt relief $40M Major substantive rulemaking to develop program, June 2018 ballot LD 1163 OTP-AM 6-5

Min OTP-AM @ $25M 1 vote

Min ONTP 4

Commercialization of research and development $55M Includes $5M for institutes dedicated to human tissue repair LD 1613 & LD 546 OTP-AM 7-4


All other bond bills are being carried over to the next session.

All of these matters will be considered as part of tomorrow’s legislative session.

Content and questions, an experiment

As an experiment I am enabling comments on this post in order to answer questions about what is or is not in the enacted budget. I will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes a question and what does not. This may not be a consistent judgement. If this goes south I will pull the plug.

A further note, I am doing this at my own motivation with my own or publicly available resources. Like the entire blog this is not a project of either the Office of the Speaker of the House or the Maine Legislature. It is not a government enterprise. I will answer what I can, when I can and to the extent that I can. Questions must pertain to content of the budget and do not include, “What were they thinking?, Are you crazy?”, etc…

With that out of the way, what would you like to know?

The end

Early on the morning of July 4, 2017 the Legislature enacted and the governor signed into law a state budget for the FY 2018-2019 biennium. This ended the 3 day shut down of state government. Below are documents related to the Committee’s of Conference used to reach this conclusion. The chaptered law and its fiscal note are also available. Further, here is a set of School funding estimates produced by the Maine Education Association. Predictably, the Maine Department of Education declined to offer its assistance in providing this information to the Legislature and the public.

Committee of Conference Documents

Work will continue over the coming weeks on bond bills, bills on the Appropriations Table, Study Table bills and any vetoes received from the governor.