April 24, 2013- Education Report Back

AFA Update- April 24, 2013- EDU Report Back

This afternoon the AFA committee was joined by the Education committee to receive that committee’s report back on the Biennial budget.  A copy of the report back may be found here.

Key aspects of the EDU report are:

  • The committee supports providing $10.0M more in Student Assistance grants through FAME
  • Maine State Museum- $56,000 more for Sunday openings
  • Oppose transferring $1.0M for legal expenses for the Charter School Commission
  • A Majority reject transferring teacher retirement payments to GPA
  • Oppose reducing support for Special Education costs of minimum subsidy receivers as well as the shift from 3% to 2% for subsidy allocation
  • Majority opposes allowing the Commissioner discretion to dispense school improvement funds
  • Majority oppose shifting teacher retirement costs to districts
  • Majority propose state funding of 100% of EPS ($73.4M)


Throughout this week, and the next several, AFA will hold caucuses and take public votes at any time.

The full schedule may be found here:

Audio and more

Please feel free to join the committee as they do their work. You may also listen online using the following link: http://www.maine.gov/legis/ofpr/appropriations_committee/audio/index.htm

You also may watch broadcasts of these and other committee hearings on the Maine Capitol Connection pilot channel through Maine Public Broadcasting.  You may watch over the air or through your cable provider as well as online here: http://www.mpbn.net/News/MaineCapitolConnection.aspx

Thank you and please let me know if you have questions.



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