Amendments, Chaptered Law (PL 2013, Ch. 368) and Errors


The Committee Amendment to LD 1509 can be found here:  H-468 

Fiscal Note

The following floor amendments were offered to the budget:

Filing number Sponsor Information Disposition Fiscal Note
H-477 A Lockman Deletes MCEA Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-478 B Sanborn GA technical Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-479 C Sanborn MSP Technical Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-480 D Willette Methadone transportation —-> revenue sharing Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-481 E Beck Additional 1/2 penny —> Revenue Sharing Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-482 F Willette Removes PUC ability to asses fees on T&D for efficiency Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-483 G Rotundo Chair’s technical amendment Adopted  Yes
H-484 H Lockman All methadone Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-485 I Lockman ($14M) from OIT Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-486 J Lockman Nonprofit tax Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-487 K Lockman $45M wait lists Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-488 L Volk $165K apprenticeship, $1M industry partnerships Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-489 M Johnson $1.5 GPA —>student performance Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-499 P Rotundo Technical Adopted  Yes
H-493 N Stuckey Amend PTFC Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
S-276 A Thomas Increase homestead to $25K and increase muni reimbursement to 100% Indefinitely Postponed  Yes
H-496 O Maclean Increase tobacco tax to fund Seed Capital Tax Credit Indefinitely Postponed Yes

Chaptered Law

The Chaptered Law is PL 2013, Ch. 368


Here is an index of major provisions keyed to the Committee Amendment.  Biennial Budget Committee A Index

Errors bill

LD 1572 corrects a few drafting errors from the original budget amendment.

LD 1572

Fiscal Note

H-575 (an amendment to LD 1572)

Fiscal Note

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