Bond Information

The Legislature historically has considered bonds comprehensively to ensure the best use of limited tax payer dollars for all of the competing capital demands facing our state.  Roads, higher education, clean water and land and safe public buildings are all important for our economic future and must be part of the conversation.

Please mark July 18th on your calendar for a conference call for further discussion of this topic. We will finalize a time and an agenda in the coming days.

History of bonds

  • Since 2000 bonds have been on the ballot in 9 of 13 years
  • The average amount before the voters is $112M per year
  • On average Transportation, paid for with General Fund debt service, has represented 60% of the amount requested

Authorized but Unissued

  • Bonds approved by the voters but not released by the Governor are referred to as “Authorized but Unissued”
  • Bonds unissued stretch back to 2009
  • The amount of authorized but unissued bonds stands at $104M, nearly a full year of bonding

The authorized but unissued bonds fall into the following rough categories:


Energy and the Environment


Higher Education




Economic Development

Bond Bills in the 126th

  • All 34 bonds submitted to this Legislature for the First Regular Session have been carried over
  • The 34 bond bills represent $1.2 billion in requests, this is a duplicative count

A very rough unduplicated count reveals requests in the following categories:


Energy and the Environment


Higher Education




Economic Development



Wrap up

As you can see there are many competing priorities for limited dollars and that the Governor has many options to put Mainer’s to work. In fact, because of the amount of authorized unissued bonds that have been held back, it is likely that any new bonds would not be sold until late 2014.

Further Information

You can find detailed documents on these subjects here:

History of bonds

Authorized but Unissued

Bond Bills in the 126th


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