Revenue Sharing vote in committee

Early this evening all of the Democrats onthe Appropriations committee voted to send LR 2127, “the Revenue Sharing bill” to the floor for approval. The bill seeks to ensure that towns will not suffer another $40M in cuts to Revenue Sharing.

Republicans refused to vote on the bill to protect funding for Revenue Sharing.

The funding for this effort consists of:

  • $21M borrowed from the Budget Stabilization Fund (BSF)
  • $4M at rest in a fund to extend GOP tax cuts
  • $15M of reprojected revenues

The bill also restores the $21M from BSF by changing the year end cascade.

It is expected that the House will consider this bill on Thursday.


Tuesday afternoon AFA will undertake committee work on the GEA review of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MePERS).

Wednesday at 2:00 PM Commissioners Millett and Reir will be on hand to discuss executive branch budget requests.

The entire schedule may be found here:

Please join AFA in room 228 if you would like. As always you can listen in here:

Or watch the proceedings on Capitol Connection:


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