Considering the work ahead

This afternoon the Appropriations committee met around the horseshoe to discuss a work plan for the major issues that remain in front of the committee. The meeting opened with the Rs presenting a framework for completing the work. The D’s then responded.

 AFA Republican plan

  1. Un exempt LD 1762 from the Appropriations Table
  2. Address 2014 shortfalls
    1. Supplemental for Riverview $8.6M
      1. $3M from Health Insurance savings for partial funding
      2. Emergency measure
      3. Still need $5.6M
    2. Remaining 2014 Shortfalls
      1. $49M
  3. Supplemental for 2015 (Shortfall and Rosen Report)
    1. Potentially $110M

$57.7M in FY14

$48.3M in FY15

AFA D’s approach

  1. Revenue sharing in LD 1762, continuing as currently
  2. Riverview- We would like to see a proposal from the Governor on how to address this issue. There is no way this could have been foreseen in the Biennial budget given the information available from the Department.
  3. Remaining 2014 shortfalls- We want verifiable numbers on this shortfall and to scrub the proposal for what is truly an emergency and what is not new spending
  4.     Supplemental for 2015 (Shortfall and Rosen Report)
    1. Potentially $110M

As you see, the committee broadly agrees on what order to use in approaching the challenges. There is a difference of opinion in asking the Governor to propose solutions to the funding problems at Riverview Psychiatric Center.

Reps. Clark and Keschl loudly disagreed that responsibility for addressing Riverview lies with the Governor and about the existence of any agreement.

Members from both parties, led by Sen. Flood, expressed a commitment to continue to explore the work of the tax expenditure task force.


Roughly 8 weeks remain in the session.

Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM AFA will begin meeting with Commissioners to receive answers to questions previously posed in writing. Presenters will include:

Commissioner Mayhew- following Commissioner Mayhew OFPR staff will spread with the committee about their view of the data available from the Department.

At 1:00 PM the committee will reconvene to hear from:

Ted Glessner, State Court Administrator

State Board of Corrections

Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services

The entire schedule may be found here:

Please join AFA in room 228 if you would like. As always you can listen in here:

Or watch the proceedings on Capitol Connection:



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