Bills Voted, State Mandate report & Dental bonds

Dear House Democrats,

Today Appropriations took votes on several bills, held a discussion on municipal mandates proposed for repeal and an obstacle to issuing dental bonds.

 Bills voted

This afternoon AFA took action on a number of bills previously placed on the Appropriations Table. Below you will find a list of the bills voted unanimously ONTP this afternoon. Other bills were raised and subsequently tabled for further consideration. These votes were taken with the lack of available resources in mind.

A table that attempts to track bills on the Table or otherwise in front of AFA may be found here:  AFA Table Second Regular Session1.


Impact on GF Balance
LD Policy Committee Title/Subject Sponsor Notes FY14 FY15 FY16
182 MAR AA to Support the Maine Lobster Industry Evangelos (1,000,000)
230 HHS AA to Establish the Commission on Health Care Cost and Quality Graham (45,128) (45,822) (43,322)
234 TAX AA to Provide Tax Treatment Consistency for LLC and S Corps Woodbury (494,950) (2,001,200) (2,051,050)
368 AFA AA to Ensure the Continuation of Dairy Farming Sherman (1,251,442) (2,453,222) (2,455,878)
396 JUD AA to A Sufficient Fund for Indigent Legal Services Priest Changed by budget (2,326,806) (2,398,095) (2,398,095)
436 TAX AA to Raise the Maximum 529 Plan Contribution Tax Deduction Mazurek (277,400) (233,700) (245,100)
455 TAX AA to Extend the State Earned Income Tax Credit Stuckey (16,245,641) (17,115,508) (16,991,137)
481 EDU AA to Amend the Laws Governing Virtual Charter Schools MacDonald Undetermined future GF costs
499 HHS AA to Promote Dental Care for Low-income Populations Harlow included in Biennial Budget? (183,312) (186,307) (188,627)
631 TAX AA to Change the Taxes on Fuel Purchased for Use Other than on Highways Jackson (1,291,977) (1,519,973) (1,519,973)
672 EDU AA Relating to Exemption form Immunization for Schoolchildren Graham (3,332) (768) (768)
741 TAX AA to Promote Fairness in the Sales Tax Exemption for Vehicles Used in Interstate Commerce Thomas (342,000) (446,310) (466,394)
1309 VLA AA to Strengthen the Maine Clean Elections Act Youngblood (4,500,000)
1354 LCRED AA to Create the Aging in Place Program Goodall (750,000) (750,000) (750,000)
1424 JUD AA to Increase Mileage Reimbursement and Compensation for Jurors Brooks (460,869) (614,492) (614,492)

Municipal Mandates

Maine Municipal Association and the Department of Administrative and Financial Services convened a working group to consider state mandates on municipalities. The committee generated a report ( proposing the elimination or alteration of several mandates.

Having reviewed the report previously, AFA considered today a subset (mandate draft 04022014) of those mandates for inclusion in a bill that will be printed, referred to AFA and receive a public hearing. The linked draft includes changes to:

  • Animal Control
  • School and Municipal Boiler Inspections
  • Licensing of certain amusements
  • Close-out sales and inventory licensing
  • The creation of a State-Local Intergovernmental Working Group to foster communication
  • Giving the State and Local Government committee to report out legislation regarding the Working Group report in the next Legislature

Dental bonds

The Treasurer has alerted AFA that deadlines in the existing language in PL 2009, Ch. 645 is an obstacle to issuing dental bonds. AFA has formally requested that the Judiciary committee include language correcting this error be included in that committee’s errors and omissions bill.


The committee will meet tomorrow on proposals for the FY15 supplemental budget.

The full schedule may be found here:

As always please join the committee in Room 228, listen online at: or watch MPBN’s Capitol Connection broadcast either here:, over the air or through your cable provider.


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