Closing the FY15 Supplemental Budget

Working through the night, on Wednesday morning the Appropriations committee completed work on the FY15 Supplemental budget.

You can find audio of this meeting here:

(This is 6:30:00 of audio)

Here you can FY15 Amendments

The following initiatives were approved:

Spending Initiatives

  • Provide 3/4 of a year of Contracted clinical staff at Maine State Prison $2,487,188
  • Provides funding for Disaster assistance $610,893
  • Career Technical Education Teacher retirement $118,027
  • Funding for the second year of the Bridge Year Program $650,000
  • Funding for Jobs for Maine’s Graduates $300,000
  • Provide funding for Head Start $750,000
  • Allow the Maine State Museum to retain receipts in order to support the operations of the museum $23,000
  • Funding for Waste water Loan Fund Seed money $500,000
  • Funding for Drinking Water Loan Fund seed money $500,000
  • Funding for Riverview and Dorothea Dix safety and security $908,460
  • Funding to address AMHI Consent Decree needs $2,000,000
  • Funding for MaineCare cycle payments $17,000,000
  • Indigent Legal Services investigators $17,500
  • Funding for the first six months of FY15 for Indigent Legal Services attorneys and translators $490,000
  • Restore Pine Tree Zones Tax Credit changes from LD 1843 $1,500,000
  • Provide funding for Head Start $750,000
  • Seed funding to provide $10,000,000 ongoing funding in the next biennium for Nursing Homes $416,000
  • Seed funding to provide $10,000,000 ongoing funding in the next biennium to further eliminate the Section 21 & 29 wait lists. The funding will remove approximately 50 people from the Section 21 wait list in FY16 and eliminate the Section 29 wait list  $416,000
  • Repeal a portion of Other Special Revenue transfer from Professional and Financial Regulation $1,000,000
  • Provide funding for municipal Homestead reimbursements $750,000 and an additional $750,000 from internal sources
  • New National Guard Headquarters building in Augusta the state share is $375,067

Savings Initiatives

  • One-time savings from transition to longer MaineCare cycles. ($20,000,000)
  • Transfer from Dirigo Health ($1,500,000)
  • Position savings ($1,300,000)
  • Transfer from FAME’s Loan Insurance Reserve Fund to the General Fund ($1,000,000)
  • Transfer from the HOME Fund to the General Fund ($1,000,000)
  • Improved Marijuana tax collection ($190,000)
  • Savings from increased surveillance and review of Diagnosis Related Groupings (DRGs) ($3,000,000)
  • Additional revenue from tax audits by including LD 1795 “An Act to Remove Medical and Dental Expenses from the Itemized Deduction Cap”  ($1,913,680)
  • Transfer from Revenue Services Other Special Revenue to the General Fund ($750,000)
  • Funding from managing vacant positions identified in the Rosen Report ($1,335,510)


  • $20M from the Cascade for further shortfalls this biennium
  • Move the Maine Quality Forum into the baseline for the next biennium and transfer $1,877,000 from Dirigo Health to the General Fund
  • Revised authority for to adjust salary schedules for confidential employees, 4% increases for District Attorneys, Assistant District Attorneys and Assistant Attorneys General funded through existing funding in the General a Fund Salary plan for a total of $1,665,500
  • Sets aside excess liquor revenue sharing profits for the purpose of liquor enforcement
  • $150,000 from the IF&W Carrying Account to fund permitting and development costs related to a new Gray headquarters
  •  Language to remove dates that currently prohibit the issuance of dental bonds
  • Language to require that all agencies prepare a list of reports required by the legislature
  • Prohibits the elimination reimbursement of the medical-add until the Department reports on the waiver rate methodology currently under review
  • Approved certain unanimously agreed upon recommendations of the Mandate Working Group to reduce the burden of state mandates on municipalities

Rosen Report

  • Rejected many damaging proposals from the Rosen Report including:
    •  The elimination of positions
    • The defunding of important educational research
    • A cut to Maine a Public Broadcasting
    • The elimination of the Madawaska courthouse
    • The elimination of interpreting services for non-vocational rehab services

The committee also directed DAFS to identify and transfer sufficient vacant positions to manage to eliminate the Governor’s Part F curtailment authority.

Next steps

We will soon have an estimate of when to expect initial floor action on the FY15 Supplemental budget.  When there is more information we will share it with you.


Appropriations has a work session set for this afternoon, a public hearing Thursday and a series of possible work sessions on Friday.

The details of these meetings and the full schedule may be found here:


As always please join the committee in Room 228, listen online at: or watch MPBN’s Capitol Connection broadcast either here:, over the air or through your cable provider.



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