Film tax credit, carry over bills and carry over bonds

Friday afternoon AFA held work sessions on the proposed dynamic fiscal/film credit bill, bills carried over from the First Regular Session as well as bond bills carried over from that session.

Audio from today’s meeting may be found here:

LD 1853, Film Tax Credit

The committee received information requested at yesterday’s public hearing. No action was taken today.

Bills from the First Regular Session

The following bills received a report of Unanimous Ought Not to Pass (ONTP):

Impact on GF Balance
LD Title/Subject Sponsor Notes FY14 FY15 FY16
62 Resolve, to Increase Reimbursement rates for Adult Day Services Malaby (131,274) (175,032) (175,032)
87 Consent Decree Funding Craven (5,659,250) (5,659,250) (5,659,250)
126 Sales Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Performing Art Organizations Gerzofsky (61,560) (85,609) (22,353)
180 Tobacco Settlement Funds for Children’s Health Plante Budget conflict- prohibits FHM funds for non-FHM purposes
488 AA to Improve Access to Home-based and Community-based Care in the MaineCare Program Chenette (93,265) (124,768) (124,768)
549 AA to Allow a Person who is 21 Years of Age or Older to to Expunge Certain Criminal Convictions Welsh (91,166) (6,320) (6,427)
707 AA to Provide Assistance to Maine Dairy Farms Cushing (250,800) (315,067) (316,643)
864 AA Regarding Service of Small Claims Notices Collins (25,969) (34,625) (21,308)
928 AA to Improve MaineCare Nursing Home Reimbursement to Preserve Access and Promote Quality Haskell (1,226,770) (1,635,693) (1,635,693)
1036 AA to Amend the Social Work Education Loan Repayment Program Nelson (20,000) (20,000) (20,000)
1157 AA to Establish the Fair Chance for Employment Act Russell (52,931) (73,031) (78,795)
1188 Resolve DHHS Rules of Reimbursement under the MaineCare Program for Audiology and Speech-language Pathology Herbig (422,720) (680,868) (680,868)
1287 AA to Deregulate Face-to-face Transactions between the People and Small Farms and Small Food Producers Hickman (22,800) (22,800) (22,800)

Bonds from the First Regular Session

Some bonds were retained in order to represent subject areas. The rejection of a bill does not necessarily mean the reaction of its contents.

Action was taken on:

LD Comm Area Sponsor
16 TRA Transportation bond Peoples
228 LCRED Weatherization bond Beavers
273 AFA Dredging Portland Harbor Alfond
294 AFA Plant and Animal Diagnostic Lab Fredette
295 AFA Veterans Weatherization Russell
359 AFA Riverfront Island Master Plan Craven
360 TRA Rail Lines in Western Maine Craven
378 AFA Gulf of Maine Pier Dion
513 AFA Everything Bond Lachowicz
781 AFA State Archives Bolduc
874 TRA Rail bond Mazurek
925 AFA Riverfront Community Development Libby, N
939 ACF AA to Restore Maine’s Groundfishing Industry Alfond
1010 AFA Water bond Chipman
1011 AFA MCCS Bond Fredette
1125 AFA Water bond Shaw
1052 TRA Intermodal Farnsworth
1090 AFA Nursing Programs Haskell
1101 AFA Waterfront Development Haskell
1105 AFA Downtowns Alfond
1163 AFA Downtowns Goodall
1418 AFA MCCS Bond Campbell
1492 AFA Economy Bond Katz

Bond vehicles that remain are:

LD Area Sponsor
LD 942 Transportation Mazurek
LD 1043 Regional Economic Development Berry
LD 1180 Community Reinvestment Gerzofsky
LD 1223 Maine Technology Institute Cain
LD 1455 Clean Water Goodall

Additionally, the following bond bills from this session are also active consideration:

LD Area Sponsor
LD 1709 Lobster Processing Jackson
LD 1756 Marine and Biotech Eves
LD 1767 Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal Langley
LD 1827 Small Business Valentino


Appropriations will continue work on the remaining bills on Monday.

The full schedule may be found here:

As always please join the committee in Room 228, listen online at: or watch MPBN’s Capitol Connection broadcast either here:, over the air or through your cable provider.


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