Bond plan and actions on bills

Midday Appropriations met to take up remaining items either carried over or on the Appropriations Table.

Audio from the afternoon may be found here:

Audio from the evening session may be found here:

Amendments offered today are available here amendments 04162014 pt 1 and here amendments 04162014 pt 2-1

The morning’s decisions are reflected in the larger chart of actions representing the entire day’s actions below.


In the evening AFA returned to present a $50M bond package. Details are below:

Item Bonded Amount (millions)
Small Businesses 12
Regional Economic Development Loan Program 8 *Language in LD 1043
Commercial Loan Insurance Program 4
UMaine Lab 8
Competitive- Biometric Research Facility 10
Marine Economy Competitive bond 7
MDI Biological Laboratory 3
Water Bond 10
Culverts 5.4
SRF 4.2
Wetland Restoration Projects 0.4
Total 50

Remaining bills

Throughout the day AFA made decisions on its remaining bills. Those decisions are outlined below:

LD Title Sponsor Disposition Notes
Carry overs
979 Flag Sales Tax Short ONTP
Appropriations Table
1367 AA to Decrease Costs and Disability Due to Mental Illness in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults Graham Tabled Amended to make contingent on funding from federal grants and eliminate insurance mandate provision
1640 MaineCare Expansion Jackson OTP 8-5
1664 AA to Encourage Charitable Contributions to Nonprofit Organizations Boyle OTP-AM Takes effect in FY16
1682 Head Start Frey ONTP 12-1
1710 AA to Retain Call Centers in Maine Jackson Tabled
1765 AA to Establish the Criminal Law Advisory Commission Gerzofsky OTP-AM Contingent on acquisition of federal or other funding.
1776 Long Term Care Facilities Craven OTP-AM Recognizes $5M in cost-of-care overpayment recovery revenue for increased reimbursements to Nursing Homes
1750 Submission Requirements for Wind Energy Through Rulemaking Alfond OTP-AM 7-3
1855 AA To Validate Certain Proceedings Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds and Notes of the Town of Old Orchard Beach Valentino OTP
1857 AA to Expand Services to Persons Who are Disabled or Elderly on Wait Lists by Reducing Revenue a Sharing Ayotte
1856 Resolve, Market Analysis of the Feasibility of Expanded Gaming Valentino OTP

Very few bills remain to be discussed.


Appropriations will meet Wednesday to review final bond language and finalize its few remaining bills.

The full schedule may be found here:

As always please join the committee in Room 228, listen online at: or watch MPBN’s Capitol Connection broadcast either here:, over the air or through your cable provider.









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