Final AFA Action

On this final day of Session the Appropriations committee met to dispose of the final bills before it and to review the language of the $50M bond package approved last night.

Audio from today’s meetings may be found here:


The language of the bonds approved last night may be found here:


Final action on bills before the Appropriations committee is as follows:

LD Title Sponsor Disposition Notes
1367 AA to Decrease Costs and Disability Due to Mental Illness in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults Graham OTP-AM Amended to make contingent on funding from federal grants and eliminate insurance mandate provision
1710 AA to Retain Call Centers in Maine Jackson ONTP 10-2 Amend to eliminate costs and make the legislation prospective
1857 AA to Expand Services to Persons Who are Disabled or Elderly on Wait Lists by Reducing Revenue a Sharing Ayotte ONTP 8-5
942 Transportation bond Mazurek ONTP
1043 AA to Improve the Regional Economic Development Revolving Loan Program Berry OTP-AM Amend to keep language and remove bond (bond in LD 1827)
1180 Community Reinvestment fund Bond Gerzofsky ONTP
1837 Maine Military Authority Severance Legislation Jackson OTP 7-6
1776 Long Term Care Facilities Craven OTP-AM RECONSIDERED: Recognizes $4M in cost-of-care overpayment recovery revenue for increased reimbursements to Nursing Homes. Funds recovered above both the already booked savings and the $4M in this bill in FY15 will carry forward for payments to nursing facilities in FY16


These items will all move to the chambers for final action this evening.


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