AFA Update: Friday March 6, 2015- Services to those with developmental disabilities and to children

The final day of joint hearings between AFA and HHS on the Governor’s proposed 2016-2017 biennial budget dealt with services for children and people with developmental disabilities.

Audio of today’s hearing will be posted when it is available.

Audio is now available. (Clip courtesy of Andi Parkinson.)

Providers and advocates for developmental services testified in favor of the efforts to continue the elimination of waitlists for Sec. 21 services. Other parents, providers and advocates continued their plea to not cut Sec. 65 and 28 services by 10% as heard yesterday.

Others sounded the alarm regarding reductions in home visiting services and asked for continued support of Head Start.

Public Testimony

Commissioner Mayhew’s testimony is here.

HHS will hold work sessions to begin drafting their recommendations to AFA starting at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, March 10 in room 209 in the CSOB.

Appropriations hosts the following committees on the following days next week to continue public hearings on the Governor’s proposed budget.

Monday Education committee
Tuesday IF&W committee and Marine Resources
Wednesday State and Local Government
Thursday Environment and Natural Resources and Energy, Utilities and Technology
Friday Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development

The full schedule can be found here.

You can always attend hearings and work sessions in Room 228 or listen live here.


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