AFA Update- Monday, March 30, 2015: Supplemental on the floor tomorrow & initial Biennial votes

This afternoon AFA reviewed final language for the supplemental budget, LD 236. The committee amendment is here. The bill will be on the floor for consideration and enactment tomorrow.

Additionally, the committee took extensive preliminary votes on items for the biennial budget in response to unanimous recommendations from policy committees report backs.

Annotated LCRED report
Annotated EUT report
Annotated SLG report
Annotated IFW report
Annotated VLA report

The committee unanimously approved several items. Items that promise to be contentious or on which members have questions were tabled.

Significantly, items related to the Office of Information Technology, the Efficiency Maine Trust, the purchase of public lands, the construction or improvement of public buildings, the proliferation of communications staff throughout the departments, attempts to establish separate legal services for the Governor and position transfers that do not zero out were all set aside for further consideration.


Report backs continue tomorrow and for the rest of this week. Criminal Justice, Taxation and the Health and Human Services committees will present their recommendations next.

Please join us or listen in here.

The full schedule is available here.


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