Afternoon AFA Update: Saturday, May 30, 2015- Votes on items from GPA to HHS and everything in between

This afternoon the AFA committee took a series of votes on budget initiatives ranging from down payment on General Purpose Aid to Education (GPA), the rejection of damaging efforts to take necessary prescription drugs from seniors, continued funding for nursing homes, rejected creating a legal fund particular to the Governor, the elimination of 101 positions in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), reject cuts to Critical Access Hospital (CAH) reimbursements,  rejection of devastating cuts to behavioral and mental health services for children and the rejection of the Governor’s push to divert the Fund for a Healthy Maine (FHM) from public health and preventative care efforts.

Audio of today’s deliberations are here.

Votes are detailed here:

*Portions of this item received a split vote. The item is grouped for ease of analysis

In every case where one vote is against a motion that vote is Rep. Sirocki. In every case not otherwise noted a vote of 2 against a motion is represented by Rep. Sirocki and Rep. Timberlake.

Wage parity in Department of Correctins (DOC)- $6.5M/year instead the funds will come from the Salary Plan Out
Seize funds from County jail funding for DOC Out
Crime scene processing $300K/year In
General Purpose Aid to Education- Additional $15M/year (in addition the committee plans to add further funds as the budget progresses) In
Establish 2 secure residential treatment facilities to serve those found Not Criminally Responsible who do not need a hospital level of care $3M/year Table
Funding for Sec. 18 brain injury services Out 11-2
Funding the “No Wrong Door” initiative to provide services to older Mainers Out
Cuts to the Fund for a Healthy Maine (FHM) Out* Some 11-2)
Funding to replace payments to primary care docs from lost federal funds Out
Funding for Nursing Facilities at $4.6M/year In-Am
Remote Nursing Facilities Grant Program Out
Methadone elimination and Vivitrol Pilot programs Out* 11-2
Zero out attrition assumptions for District Attorneys In
Establish positions for the State Auditor In
Funding for legal contingencies Out
Funding for projected increases in Homestead, Veterans tax, Tree Growth and BETR/BETE $2.7M/year In-Am
Funding for the implementation of the tax changes proposed by the Governor Out
Funding for a position in Veteran’s Services In
Eliminate 101 positions within DHHS and the CDC In
Limits of PNMI room and board income Out
Changes the poverty level eligibility for the Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly (DEL) and Medicare Savings Program (MSP) ($48M) Out* 12-1
DEL Asset test In
Elimination of hospital facility fee payments Out 12-1
Changes in reimbursement for hospital based behavioral health under Sec. 65 ($1.6M) Out 11-2
Changes in reimbursement for Critical Access Hospitals ($5.1M) Out 11-2
Change reimbursement for non-emergency use of emergency services In
Decrease in rates for Sec. 65 medication management ($2.7M) instead creating a rate study with the language approved last night Out 11-2 (Nutting & Sirocki)
Decrease rates by 10% for Sec. 65 outpatient treatment ($13.9M) instead creating a rate study with the language approved last night Out 12-1
Creation of an additional Medicolegal Death Investigator Position Out
Creates a legal contingency for the Governor $2M Out 10-3 (Nutting, Sirocki and Timberlake)

The committee will continue its work later today and again on Sunday afternoon. You can always listen here or join the committee in Room 228.


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