Budget Update: Wednesday, June 17, 2015- Final budget enactment and tax details

Today the Legislature voted on LD 1019, the biennial budget. The budget was enacted in both bodies with 2/3 votes and sent on to the Governor for him to begin his 10 day (excluding Sunday’s) veto period. He has stated his intention to take the full 10 days.

The following amendments were offered: (detail of all Senate roll call (RC) votes were not available at this posting)

Amendment Item Sponsor Disposition House Disposition Senate
C-A H-415 Majority Report Adopted 101-47 Adopted
C-B H-416 Minority Report Not considered Not considered
H-A H-439 Allow those who are lawfully present to be eligible for General Assistance Duchesne Adopted 83-66 Indefinitely postponed RC#270 (24-11)
H-B H-448 Bipartisan deal McCabe Adopted Indefinitely postponed
H-C H-449 Adjust municipal valuation in response to sudden and severe disruption McCabe Indefinitely postponed 93-56 Not considered
H-D H-451 ·         $3M from Home Fund for new rental assistance program·         Tax equalization payment for high income filers

·         Takes teacher retirement out of EPS

·         Title I funds distributed to schools without EPS penalty

·         More GPA

·         More Maine State Grant Funds

·         Increased reimbursement for direct care workers

·         Increase Personal Needs allowance

·         Increase funding to peer support centers

·         Increase funds for child care, Head Start

Stuckey Indefinitely postponed 110-39 Not considered
S-A S-287 Technical amendment Hamper Recede & concur Adopted
S-B S-288 Bipartisan deal option (Replacement for H-C H-449) Hamper Recede & concur Adopted
S-C C-289 Allow person who is lawfully present or seeking lawful status to receive General Assistance for 24 months Volk Not considered Indefinitely postponed RC 269 (22-13)

Senate vote on Engrossment RC# 271 (34-1)
House vote on Recede and Concur RC# 279 (105-42)
House vote on Enactment RC# (105-42)
Senate vote on Enactment (31-4)

Tax plan details

June 15 Final Plan Incidence 2017
The fiscal note for the tax plan is here
The presentation given at caucus is here


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