Tax conformity votes in AFA

This morning the Appropriations committee met to hold a public work session on tax conformity.

Audio of today’s meeting is here.

Sen. Valentino opened with a motion to immediately fund and approve full tax conformity for the pending filing period.

Identified sources of funding for this motion are:

Tax Relief Fund                 $9.5M

Unneeded debt service   $6.1M

Personal Services             $1.2M

Total                                   $16.8M


Speaking to the motion, the Senator expressed everyone’s commitment to considering the second year of tax conformity in the rest of session but recognized the urgency of providing filers with information today for this filing period.

Rep. Rotundo expressed everyone’s support for tax conformity and for stability but she also listed some of the pending issues that will require funding and should be considered as part of an entire picture.

  • Law enforcement raises
  • Drug crisis
  • $23M in education funding
  • Veterans commission
  • Provider tax fix
  • Toxicology tests for the Medical Examiner
  • County jail funding
  • Potential federal clawback of Riverview Psychiatric Center funding

The motion at the time received a party line vote of 6-5 with Sen. Valentino’s motion prevailing.



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