Supplemental budget committee vote

AFA met this morning to ratify a supplemental budget agreement.

On a vote of 8-4 Democrats were joined by Senate Republicans to forward a plan to the floor. House Republicans chose to not support any plan that does not include a competing measure against the minimum wage, an unrelated issue already rejected by the House.

The vehicle is LD 1606, the Governor’s bill to put the entire surplus into the Budget Stabilization Fund.

Audio of today’s hearing is here.

The Majority report:

Initiative Totals Source
Recruitment and Retention for workers at Riverview and Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Centers LD 1645 932,039 Salary savings
Operational Support for County Jails LD 1614 2,465,896 Surplus
Service provider 1% tax fix LD 1638 2,336,078 Surplus
Increase wages to direct care workers LD 886 4,000,000 Surplus
Law Enforcement Officer Recruitment and Retention LD 1653 7,100,000 Salary savings
Law Enforcement Officer supervisors LD 1523 228,854 Salary savings
Outstanding remaining bills 750,000 Surplus
Opportunity Maine for Vessels at sea, Students returning from out-of-state and consolidated loans LD 1657 425,000 Surplus
Totals 18,237,177  

Also included at no cost in this biennium is LD 1150 to allow independent pharmacies to compete

Sources and transfers
$45.5M to Budget Stabilization
$8.3M from Salary savings for state employee recruitment and retention
$11M from Surplus (approx.)

This leaves an ending balance of $430,000 at the end of FY17.

LD 886, supporting direct care workers, is based on a rate study that calls for $8.5M. The following changes are made to achieve a $4M cost:

  • Sec 1 a 50% reduction of the proposed rate increase:
  • Sec 40 home health services are struck from the bill, eliminating a 33% increase in those rates.

The Minority report of OTP-AM places the entire $55.5M in the Budget Stabilization Fund as proposed by the Governor.

This bill will come to the floor Tuesday night for enactment.


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