Action on the Appropriations Table

Appropriations met sporadically throughout the day to address bills that have made their way to the Appropriations Table.

Audio was unavailable this afternoon.

LD 281 Modify State Valuations with respect to Mill ClosuresTABLE

LD 1483 An Act to Amend Maine’s Motor Vehicle Laws– amended to remove the General Fund costs of the bill- OTP-AM 12-0

LD 1541 An Act Regarding Increased Sentences for the Illegal Importation of DrugsONTP 7-5

LD 1552, Reduce Mortality from Injectable Drugs, also known as “needle exchange”- amended to require the Department of Health and Human Services to implement the bill within existing resources OTP-AM 8-4

LD 1553- Regarding Worker CompensationOTP 8-4

LD 1603- Recommendations of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission OTP 11-1

LD 1610- An Act to Provide Certain Veterans Benefits ONTP 12-0

LD 1657- Amended to include Sen. Alfond’s Opportunity Maine bill and Rep. McCreight’s Opportunity Maine bill LD 1505 OTP-AM 13-0 $425,000

LD 690, An Act to Ensure Safety of Home Birth– Amended to require the Office of Professional and Financial Regulation to achieve the aims of the bill within existing resources. OTP-AM 9-4

LD 1279 An Act to Authorize Advance Deposit WageringTABLE at the request of Rep. Timberlake

LD 1472 Address Child Hunger, OTP 7-6 $79,800

LD 1577 An Act to Increase the Availability of Mental Health Services OTP 7-6

LD 1670 An Act to Attract Investment at Loring Commerce Center OTP 7-6 $637,000

LD 1671 An Act to Compensate Susan Cloutier OTP-8-5 $400,000

LD 1683 An Act to Increase Penalties for Violence Against Firefighters OTP 13-0

LD 1638 An Act to Increase Payments to Providers that are subject to the Service Provider Tax TABLE

Appropriations will reconvene in the morning.



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