Bonds and more Table action

Tuesday afternoon Appropriations met to process more AFA Table bills and initiate the conversation on General Fund bonding.

Audio of the hearing is here.

LD 927 An Act to Remove the Age Penalty for State Retirees Working at Institutions that are closing Rep. Martin presented an amendment to Rep. Alley’s bill. The amendment provides that before any affected employees take advantage of this bill that advance appropriations be made. This avoids the creation of a constitutionally prohibited unfunded actuarial liability.

  • Prepay costs
  • 25 years of service or more
  • Has not otherwise reached Normal Retirement Age (NRA)
  • The correctional facility the employee works at is closing and is over 100 miles from the nearest state correctional facility
  • The retirement is a direct result of the closure

OTP-AM 7-6

LD 842 An Act to Establish Peer Center Reimbursement Supports 12 locations providing mental health services under the Consent Decree

OTP 7-6 $75,000

LD 886 Increase Reimbursement Rates for Home-based and Community Based Services Rep. Sanborn proposed an amendment that conforms to the provisions proposed in the supplemental budget LD 1606. It additionally offers $250,000 in GF funding for Section 40 services. The net effect is that all services covered under the HHS committee report receive 50% of the funding proposed by the HHS committee. The source of this one-time funding is existing DHHS funds not being used for TANF maintenance of effort purposes.

The final motion was OTP-AM with $4M and rate study for Section 40

LD 1253 Improve the Evaluation of Elementary and Secondary Schools OTP 9-3

LD 1627 An Act to Implement Certain Recommendations of the Maine Proficiency Education Council OTP 7-6

LD 1638 An Act to Increase Payments to Providers that are subject to the Service Provider Tax

Rep. Sanborn proposed the bill be amended to use $750,000 from TANF maintenance of effort (one time) and $2.3M from FMAP funds.


LD 1279 Authorize Advance Deposit Wagering on Horse Racing

OTP 7-6

LD 1534 An Act to Reduce the Trafficking of Illegal Drugs in this State The committee reconsidered its previous vote of 12-1 ONTP to entertain an amendment that no longer adds 4 trooper positions but instead asks the Maine State Police to reinstate a drug interdiction unit within existing resources.

ONTP 11-2

LD 1536 An Act to Provide Ballistic Vests to Law Enforcement The committee reconsidered its previous vote of OTP-AM 8-5 to entertain an amendment to strip the funding and requirement that vests be provided to law enforcement officers in favor of a report on efforts to provide vests to officers and their dogs. This effort was rejected in favor of the report made last week to provide vest for 15 Marine Patrol Officers.

The committee will meet to make final decisions surrounding bonding on Wednesday.


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