Bond votes including Transportation

This afternoon Appropriations took further votes on bonds. The remaining bond requiring action after today’s actions is the R&D bond, LD 1053.

Continuing difficulties prevent the audio recording of hearings.

  • LD 1694 Transportation bond $100M

The committee had a lengthy conversation about which vehicle should bear the costs to the Secretary of State’s Office should a further page be needed for the November ballot. Those costs are roughly $107,000. It was finally decided to attach the contingent language drawing the possibly necessary funds from the unappropriated General Fund Surplus to each and every bond approved. This was approved 12-0

Rep. Sanborn shared that Legislative Leadership, through the Study Table will direct the Transportation Committee to use its interim meetings to explore alternative sources of support for our transportation infrastructure.

OTP-AM Unanimous

  • LD 998 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Collect Data on and To Monitor Ocean Acidification $3M

OTP-AM 6-5

  • LD 1069 An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Upgrade Municipal Culverts at Stream Crossings $5M

OTP-AM 6-5

  • LD 1554 An Act to Address Inconsistencies in Drug Laws

OTP 10-1




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