Finishing the work

This morning AFA met to nearly complete its business for the 127th Legislature.

Continued technical difficulties prevent the recording of AFA Committee audio.

LD 1053 Rep. Luchini’s Research & Development bond amended to provide $45M for competitive R&D funding and $5M for the Maine Venture Fund.

OTP-AM 9-0

LD 1699 An Act to Provide Relief for Significant Reductions in Municipal Property Fiscal Capacity

Provides one-year of assistance to municipalities that experience a loss in state valuation of at least 4.5%

OTP 9-0

LD 1649 An Act To Modernize Maine’s Solar Power Policy and Encourage Economic Development

Exempt from the Appropriations Table 7-2

LD 1653 An Act Implementing Pay Increases for Certain Law Enforcement Employees To Aid in Recruitment and Retention

The contents of this bill were folded into LD 1523 which has been enacted and sent to the Governor.


LD 633 Medicaid Expansion

Amended to fund with FMAP

OTP-AM 7-5



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