FY19 Supplemental budget public hearings

The Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs (AFA) held public hearings on Governor Mill’s proposed FY19 supplemental budget this week. Joined by the relevant policy committees AFA took testimony from Commissioner Figeroa and other members of the administration as well as members of the public.

Important items in the supplemental include

  • State share of federal disaster funds for municipalities- $2.5M
  • Funding for unachieved position attrition savings from small state agencies- $2.9M
  • Funding for the Maine Bicentennial celebration- $1M
  • Non-General Fund (GF) money to support cases pursued by the Office of the Public Advocate- $320K
  • Funds to lease accessible voting machines- $400K
  • The repeal of a two-year lifetime limit on prescriptions for medication assisted treatment (MAT) for the treatment of addiction
  • Language to allow the creation of the Washington County PrereleaseĀ  Center

Testimony from the Commissioner and testimony regarding disaster funds and the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) can be found here.

Testimony about the Bicentennial celebration is here. (The Bicentennial Commission’s proposed budget and proposed budget explanation is also available.)

Testimony about the leasing of voting machines and the creation of the prerelease center is here.

Finally, testimony about the MAT limit repeal and other HHS initiatives are here.

Policy committees will hold work sessions, take votes and report back to the AFA committee with their recommendations.

Full supplemental budget documents are available from the Bureau of the Budget.

Part A
Fiscal Note

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