Public bond hearings day 1

A public hearing this morning for LD 1507, An Act To Establish a Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Program and Allocation was followed by a briefing from Commissioner Figeroa on the Governor’s current plans regarding the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) and General Fund bonding.

Maine is slated to receive $1B and $129M for critical infrastructure. In the coming weeks the Governor is planning to release her intentions regarding the ARP.

Also in the near future the Governor will issue a bonding proposal focused on:

  • Transportation infrastructure
  • National Guard armories requiring state match
  • Conservation of natural resources and recreation

LD 1507 is necessary to allow the state to distribute federal funds from the American Recovery Plan Act (ARP) to municipalities.

The meeting continued with public hearings on the following bonds:

Tomorrow and Thursday AFA continues public hearings on referred bond bills. The full schedule can be found here. A work session is scheduled on Wednesday for LD 1507.

Those meetings will all be broadcast both on mic and on camera.

Votes and discussions from that meeting and future meetings will be found here along with history on past budgets.

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