Health and Human Services votes

This morning Appropriations met to take preliminary votes on unanimously approved report back recommendations from the Health and Human Services Committee. At this time the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee is the only committee not considered by AFA.

Criminal Justice is also the only committee that has not submitted a completed report back.

Highlights of the HHS votes taken today include:

  • Funding to implement the integrated care management system at Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center in Bangor and the Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta
  • Funding to continue the Crisis Center demonstration in Cumberland County
  • Eliminates funding for the Maine Children’s Growth Council
  • Continued support for the development of the new child welfare information system
  • Reorganizations, reclassifications, transfers and adjustments to positions department wide
  • Implementation funding for a new standardized developmental disability assessment
  • Additional support for the Sec. 29 waiver serving those with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder
  • Rejection of the creation of legal positions within the department
  • Inflation adjustments for PMNI facilities
  • Creation of an intensive outpatient treatment program for high-acuity MaineCare members within the behavioral health system
  • Conforming estate recovery rules with federal guidelines
  • Rejection of reduced outpatient reimbursement to IMD (institutes for mental disease) facilities
  • Rejection of the elimination of exemptions for psychiatric unit discharge rates
  • Rejection of changes to 340-B prescription drug program reimbursements
  • Rejection of the elimination of pharmacy incentive payments in rural areas
  • Rejection of reductions in the MaineCare prescription drug dispensing fee
  • Rejection of the elimination of bed hold payments to nursing facilities

It is important to note that any initiatives not yet considered have not been rejected but only not addressed at this time. This applies to all report backs from policy committees.

Friday at 1:00 PM AFA will meet to receive a full briefing from the Administration on the Governor’s change package to LD 221, the supplemental budget. An overview of this plan was released today and is discussed below.

Committee members will continue to caucus and discuss outstanding initiatives with the intention of announcing future work sessions.

Those meetings as well as the others noted above will be broadcast both on mic and on camera.

Votes and discussions from meetings will be found here along with history on past budgets.

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